Mill Creek Video

Headquartered in southern New Hampshire, Mill Creek Video provides digital video production services specializing in Corporate, Educational, Industrial, Product Demonstration and Promotional video projects. At Mill Creek Video, we have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to handle all of your multi media video production needs, from start to finish.

Everything from 30 second commercial spots to documentary video projects, Informational videos for marketing purposes and virtual video tours for web applications, Mill Creek Video is your one call video production solution...Start to Finish.

And if your production is already under way....but could use some specialized assistance, Mill Creek services are available on an a la carte basis as well, from general consultation / production coordination to equipment sourcing and rentals, shipping logistics, voice over talent, audio and video editing, mixing, and everything in between......we can help!

For equipment rental packages, Mill Creek Video offers a complete line of professional DV production equipment from various manufacturers including Canon, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Sound Devices, Lowel, etc..

For more information, please use the Contact button at the top and drop us a line.

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